The Teaching Experiment Center of the College of Forestry and Landscape Architecture of South China Agricultural University was established in 2000. It integrates the original scattered undergraduate teaching laboratory into a comprehensive teaching experiment center. According to the operation management mode under the responsibility of the center director, full-time laboratory assistants are responsible for the operation and management of specific laboratories. Based on the principles of educating people, unified management, opening to the outside world, and resource sharing, focusing on the basic and professional, scientific research and innovation, internship and practice, it focuses on the undergraduate experiment.

      There are 13 teaching laboratories belonging to the center. The teaching team has strong strength and reasonable structure. There are 15 professional experimental personnel, including 3 senior experimenters, which can better promote the teaching tasks and related scientific research work of the experimental center. In the past 2 years, the experimental personnel have won 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 experimental education-related teaching reform projects, 3 college-level youth funds, 7 teaching reform papers, and applied for more than 10 national patents, including authorized invention patents, including 3 invention patents, 2 utility model patents and 4 design patents.

       The teaching experiment center has an area of 1800 m2. The laboratory resources are uniformly allocated, the instruments and equipment are shared, and the teaching resources are integrated to avoid waste. All the laboratories mainly serve the relevant majors of the college, and are also open to the teachers and students of other colleges.  The laboratory undertakes the experimental teaching courses of the undergraduate experimental courses of forestry majors, gardening majors, urban forestry, and forest protection, and the experimental teaching tasks of the public elective courses of the whole school. The annual number of experimental people is more than 2,000, and the accumulated experimental hours are more than 1,800 hours. In addition, the experimental is guaranteed. On the basis of fully satisfying the teaching resources, the research function of the laboratory is actively exerted.

     Through continuous construction and innovation, the laboratory of the teaching experiment center has formed a platform for teaching experiments and scientific research work with multiple disciplines. Each laboratory has different characteristics of disciplines, scientific research conditions and high levels of teaching, and its teaching and research technology capabilities and levels have an advanced position in forestry teaching and research in southern China. The experimental center team has fully played an important role in teaching and research, and has achieved fruitful results.