National Natural Science Foundation of China application and Guidance Association in 2020

Publisher:林学与风景园林学院Release Time:2019-11-18Number of visits:18

Time: 9:00 am, November 19, 2019

Venue: 620 conference room, College of forestry and landscape architecture

Lecturer: Professor Wang Yuncai, deputy director of Department of landscape science, Tongji University, general fund; Professor Dong Ludi, director of Department of landscape architecture, Xi'an University of architecture and technology; Associate Professor Pan Jianbin, Dean Assistant of Beijing University of architecture, youth fund

Chair: Gao Wei, associate professor

About Professor Wang Yuncai:

Professor and deputy director, Department of landscape science, School of architecture and urban planning, Tongji University. Doctor of science, Institute of Geosciences and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, postdoctoral mobile station of architecture, Tongji University, senior visiting scholar, School of architecture and design, Virginia Institute of technology and State University. At present, he is a director of China Society of landscape architecture, a member of Ecological City Committee of China Society of cities, an expert of environmental assessment center of Ministry of environmental protection of China, an expert of Yangtze River Delta Expo theme experience working group, and a director of Rural Development Committee of China Society of Geography. Teaching courses: principles of landscape planning and design (National Excellent Courses), landscape design (Shanghai Excellent Courses), principles and methods of landscape ecological planning (excellent excellent courses for Postgraduates of Tongji University), landscape ecology (excellent courses for undergraduates of Tongji University). Research directions: 1) ecological planning and design and landscape regeneration; 2) landscape language and schema language; 3) space protection and inheritance of traditional cultural landscape; 4) planning and design of scenic spots; 5) ecological infrastructure complex and space efficiency optimization.