Academic report:Innovation of traditional culture

Publisher:林学与风景园林学院Release Time:2019-11-20Number of visits:23

Report theme: Innovation of traditional culture

Time: 19:30, November 21, 2019 (Thursday)

Location: Room 518, School of forestry and landscape architecture, South China Agricultural University

Speaker: Peng Wanyan

About the speaker: Peng Wanyan, Lecturer, product design department (toy and game design direction), Guangdong University of Finance and economics, studies and innovates community sustainable, traditional culture conservation and social service based on teaching toys and games, involving many regional culture promotion and community education innovation projects: Cangdong children's summer camp, kepole Dongguan factory children's maker space, Guangfu Canton's thirty six elements culture, Chaoshan etiquette and customs Cultural promotion, Heyuan Hakka cultural products, traditional craft experience workshop, public education of Art Museum, etc. are aimed at effectively integrating local resources through Toy Games to promote children's development.