Projects won the 10th Liangxi forestry science and Technology Award

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In 2019, the scientific research project jointly completed by our university, Guangdong Academy of forestry science and other units and jointly key technology for the creation of new germplasm and industrialization of improved varieties of main pine resin in the South won the second prize of the 10th Liangxi forestry science and Technology Award for scientific and technological progress, key technology for innovation and industrialization of dual-use germplasm and improved varieties of foreign pine resin materials won the first south Guangdong forestry science and technology award First prize, our school is the second completion unit, with Professor Huang Shaowei, Associate Professor Liu Tianyi and senior experimenter Liu Chunxin as the main finishers, among which Professor Huang Shaowei ranks the second.

Aiming at the problems of single breeding goal, low breeding efficiency and lack of good varieties in South China, the project takes the yield of wood and fat as the improved characters, improves the selection efficiency and propagation efficiency of good varieties as the goal, and uses new technology, methods and devices to carry out a new round of Research on pine improvement and propagation technology.