About the College

Old Forestry Building

New Forestry Building

The College of Forestry, with nearly 100-year history, is the earliest established faculty in South China Agricultural University.

Nowadays, the College of Forestry has four departments, i.e., Department of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Forest Resources and Tourism Management, and Department of Wood Science and Engineering. Our college offers four thesis-based graduate degree programs: PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), MSc (Master of Science), MEng (Master of Engineering), MAg (Master of Agriculture).We also offer two professional degrees: Master of Agricultural Extension (M.Ag.Ext.) and Master of Landscape Architecture. The PhD degree program covers subject areas in Botany, Ecology and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering. Current research areas for master degree program include forest silviculture, forest management, forest protection, forest ecology, wood science and technology, botany, and landscape plant and ornamental horticulture. Our college offers 6 distinct 4-year undergraduate bachelor degree programs leading to the bachelor of agriculture in forestry (urban forestry) or landscape architecture (urban architecture and landscape design), bachelor of engineering in urban planning or wood science and engineering (furniture engineering), bachelor of administration in tourism management or forest resources conservation and recreation (ecological conservation and resources information management direction).Current research institutes in our college include Institute of Forest Survey and Planning, Institute of Landscape Architecture Design, Center for South China Botanical Research, Institute of Forest Management Research, Research Laboratory of Forest Ecology, Center for Economic Forest Research, Center for Hi-tech Wood Composite Material Engineering,. ….