Research Agents:


(1) Institute of Forest Survey and Planning:

Chief: Xu Zhengchun

Contact number: 8620-85280962


(2) Institute of Landscape Architecture Design:

Chief: Wang Shaozeng

Contact number: 8620-38604956


(3) Research Laboratory of South China Plants:

Chief: Prof. Zhuang Xueying

Contact number: 8620-85280258


(4) Research Laboratory of Forest Management :

Chief: Chen Shiqing

Contact number: 8620-38294751


(5) Research Laboratory of Forest Ecology:

Chief: Su Zhiyao

Contact number: 8620-38294891


(6) Center for Economic Forest Research:

Chief: Xie Zhengsheng

Contact number: 8620-85280263


(7) Center for Hi-tech Wood Composite Material Engineering:

Chief: Li Kaifu

Contact number: 8620-85280257


(8) Quality Supervision Test Center for Wood and Wood-based Products:

Chief: Gao Zhengzhong

Contact number: 8620-38297156


(9) Research Centre of Tropical Landscape Architecture:

Chief: Li Min

Contact number: 8620-38297165


(10) Research Centre for Health Diagnosis and Protection Techniques of Woody Plants

    Chief: Wen Xiujun

Contact number: 8620-38297159