The Dendrological Herbarium, College of Forestry, SCAU (CANT)


The Dendrological Herbarium of College of  Forestry (CANT) was separated from the formally Herbarium of Agricultural College, Zhong Shan University in 1952. It was established by Professor Ying Tsiang.  With several combinations of colleges in the past decades, the names and address of the Herbarium varied from South China Agricultural College (1952-1958), Guangdong Forestry College (1958-1963), Zhongnan Forestry College (1963-1970), Guangdong Agriculture and Forestry College (1970-1980), South China Agricultural College (1980-1984), to South China Agricultural University (1984-present). The international code for this Herbarium is CANT or SCAC.

There are ca. 100 000 specimens with 175 type specimens. In addition, there are 9 000 specimens for teaching. They include ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperms. The fern specimens are arranged by Ching Ren-chang’s System (1954), the gymnosperms by Cheng Wan-chun’s System (1978), and the angiosperms by Hutchinson’s System (1926-1934).

The main tasks of the Herbarium are to meet both requirements by teaching and research. It is characterized by the following plant groups (1) woody plants, especially rare and endangered species, timber species, economic species and ornamental species. (2) native species to South China. (3) Bambusoideae (Poaceae), Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Annonaceae, Euphorbiaceae, etc.

So far, the digital system of the herbarium is under construction.


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