The Arboretum of South China Agricultural University

The Arboretum of South China Agricultural University was founded in 1972. It is located on Changgangshan in the southeast part of the campus, with a total area of 15 ha.  The site of the Arboretum used to be barren hill, but it has become an integrated arboretum with well-canopied and high diversity with great endeavor of the faculties and students in the past three decades.


The arboretum is one of the important teaching bases. It can not only provide field environments for many undergraduate courses such as Botany, Dendrology, Dendrology for Landscape Architecture, Medical Plants, Forest Silviculture, Ornamental Plants, Plant Resources, Forestry Ecology, but also a platform for scientific research. Meanwhile, the Arboretum is a good site for the staff and students to do exercises and sports.

There are six parts according to the community function: (1) Introduction Experimental Area, Tree Taxonomical Area, Experimental Area for Silviculture, Tree Breeding Experimental Area, Ecological restoration Area and Aquatic Vegetation Area.


About 1200 vascular plants have been introduced, which belong to 171 families and 608 genera, including 28 ferns, 46 conifers, and 1126 flowering plants. Of these, some are the dominant trees in the native forest communities of south China.  There are also many ornamental plants, medicinal plants, oil plants, starch plants, fruit trees, and timber trees. About 90 species are the rare and endangered plants protected in China, including Camellia nitidissima, Alsophila spinulosa, and Mesua ferrea.


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